Data Dive: US TV Ad Spend and Influence

Why do advertisers keep pouring money into TV, even amidst the rise of everything digital, and even as audience numbers plateau? Simply put, most consumer surveys that compare advertising media still find TV to be among the most influential and most favored – if not the most highly rated. Following is a select list of those pieces of research, in reverse chronological order.

    • TV is the top advertising medium for reaching affluent adults, and is rated one of the most effective by luxury buyers. (Shullman Research Center, 6/13)
    • College students are less likely to avoid TV ads than a variety of online ad types, such as ads on social media sites, pre-roll ads, and pop-up or banner ads. (re:fuel, 6/13)
    • While many point to a complete lack of attention paid to TV ads due to the rise in multi-screening, that may not be the case. A recent study indicates that participants spent one-third of TV ad viewing time looking at their mobile phone or tablet, with the researchers suggesting that “TV viewers may not be tuning away from commercials… just picking up the phone or tablet.” In fact, an earlier study signaled that multi-screen users are actually better able to recall TV advertisers. (Symphony Advanced Media, 4/13)


Source: Marketing Charts